Sunday, 13 March 2011

Picture Perfect... FF 4

A boy called Jake lived with his little sister, his mum, dad and aunt.
One day, Jake was looking out of the window at his neighbours house. He saw a shadow at the front door. The next day, he heard footsteps near his front door, but he ignored it. About two days later, his little sister went missing. He asked his mum,
"What happened to Brianna (His sister)?"
His mum replied,
"You never had a sister!"
Jake shrugged and went on with life. He looked at the neighbours house again to find that the shadow were near the top of the stairs, he frowned and ignored it. Then he heard noises at the top of the stairs in his house. A day later, he couldn't find his aunt. He asked his dad,
"Dad, what happened to your sister, my aunt Josephine?"
His dad smiled and calmly replied,
"Son, she died years ago. You must learn to get over it."
Jake frowned and ignored it.
He looked out of the window again and saw shadows near the window in his neighbours house. A few hours later, he heard clinking sounds near the window. A day later, his dad was no where to be seen. He asked his mum,
"Mum, where did dad go?"
His mum sighed and replied,
"Hunny, please don't bring this up again. Daddy and I are NOT going to get back together again, we split up and that's final"
Jake frowned and ignored it. He looked out of the window again and saw shadow near a room in his neighbours house, and heard noises near his mum's room. He sighed and ignored it.
A day later, his mum dissapeared. He asked his neighbours (On the other side),
"Have you seen my mother?"
The old lady in the house replied,
"What? Are-aren't you the orphan from the care home? You HAVE no mother!" And she closed the door.
Jake sighed and ignored it, he looked at his calendar in his room and said to himself,
"It's my birthday today and my family have dissapeared."
He called his friend, but the only sound he heard from the phone was, 'This number does not exsist, please check if it is a valid number.'
"That's odd, Derek would tell me if he got a new phone." He whispered to himself.
He heard a sudden noise,
Clunk clunk clunk... The noise echoed. Jake went back to the calender but it had turned into a mirror. Then he looked behind him, but he wasn't in his bedroom any more, he was in an attic... He turned around and a shadow stabbed him...
A few years later, another family with a small girl moved into the Jake's house. The girl went up to the attic and saw a blank canvas, next to a picture with a family containing a small girl, an older lady, a mother and father and an older boy. The girl looked behind her because she thought she heard a clinking sound, and when she looked back at the pciture, in blood on it was written, 'GET OUT OF HERE' She was stabbed from behind...

What happened...?: All I know now is that, on the blank canvas, is a picture of a small girl...

Freaky Football... FF 4

There were seven boys playing football in a park on Sunday, their names were: Michael, Tom, Walter, Tim, Fred, Sam and Sami. Sami accidentally kicked the ball off the pitch, into the forest near the football pitch.
"I'm not getting it, I got it last time!" protested Sami.
Tom, Walter, Tim, Fred and Sam said the same.
"Hey! Michael, you haven't got it yet! Go on, get it." Walter said to Michael.
Michael gulped and went into the forest. He saw seven old, abandoned tents, he called to his friends,
"Hey guys! Come and look at these silly tents!"
The other boys came running into the forest and laughed at the tents.
Each boy had a different way of destroying a tent, one tent for each boy. They chuckled and went home.
The next day, at school, Michael did not show up.
"Where's Michael?" The boys asked eachother, but they decided he was just ill.
The next day at school, Tom AND Michael did not show up. The remaining boys assumed they were just sick.
On Wednesday, Walter, Tom and Michael did not show up. The other boys, yet again thought they were all unwell.
On Thursday, Tim, Walter, Tom and Michael didn't show up! The last three boys were starting to get worried...
The last day of school (Friday), Fred didn't show up! Sam and Sami arranged to meet eachother at the park on Saturday.
When that day came, Sam and Sami were heading for the forest to explore, but Sam dropped to the ground, blood gushing out of his head. Sami screamed and dashed home.
On Sunday, Sami's mother couldn't wake Sami up...

What happened...?: The spirit of the owners of the tents decided to get revenge on the boys, one spirit to kill each boy on a different day. They decided to kill them in the ways the boys destroyed their tents...

Grandfather Clock... FF 4

One day a girl named Rose had a grandfather. Unfortunately he died - no one knows how. . .
But in his will he left Rose's parents his grandfather clock. Also in his will, it said NEVER to open the grandfather clock. Rose told her parents, but they told her to stop being so silly.
One night, something started to tick. Obviously the first thing the parents thought of was the old grandfather clock. So Rose's father, opened the grandfather clock. Rose held her breath. Her father reappeared with no emotion on his face. "Nothing is wrong." Told the father to his family. So the whole family went back to thier beds. Rose could still hear the clock ticking. "Rose.  . . I'm coming. . . Rose. . .I'm coming. . . I told you not to open it . . ."
Rose's bedroom window suddenly burst open, and a freezing draft of wind came rushing in her room. Rose shivered and pulled her duvet over her head. About an hour later, she slowly and carefully pushed the duvet back down to her neck, hovering above her was ... THE GHOST OF HER DEAD GRANDFATHER!
"No, no it wasn't me!! You've got the wrong person!!" Rose shrieked, when she saw that her grandfather was holding a sharp pointed knife.
"You should've told them  properly..." hissed her grandfather.
The grandfather killed Rose in one swift whack of his knife.

What happened...?: There is no explanation of why and how this happened...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rat a tat tat... FF 1

There was a boy called Fred and his family had just moved into a new house, people say it's haunted... The first night, Fred heard a sound,
Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat,
the sound went.
Fred shivered and tried to go to sleep but he couldn't for some reason. He heard the sound again,
Rat a tat tat, Rat a tat tat.
Small tears were dribbling down Fred's face.
The sound came again, but louder.
Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat.
Fred dashed out of bed and followed the sound, getting louder by the second.
Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat.
The sound was coming from an old chest, Fred carefully opened the lid and guess what was in there...
A roll of wrapping paper! =] lol

Love Hurts, A Lot FF 4

Once there was a young girl that was madly in love with this dreamy guy.She would visit his house all the time but utill one day when she visited his house when she knocked but the door just opened then she heard a nosie up stairswhen she saw the guy sucking blood out of a young girl. She screamed with fear and runs down stairs as fast as she can almost tripped when a cold rush of wind came and in a second his colds hands touched her neck and shoulder and sucked all the blood out of her. He dragged her in the closet and she was never saw again.

Funny Happy Story With a Twist! FF 1

There was a bunny called Miss Hop, she looked out the window and saw a rainbow.
"I HAVE to get the pot of gold!" she exclaimed. So she went out and looked at the right side of the rainbow. There was no pot of gold... She whispered to herself,
"It must be on the other side! It's too long to run there, so I will climb over the rainbow to the pot of gold!"
So she climbed up to the top, she stood up on the tip of the rainbow.
"Oh! What a nice view!" She said with delight. She slipped down and landed into the pot of gold and suffocated.
The End!

The Mirror Clown... FF 3

There was a boy called Frank, and in his living room, there was a huge mirror and opposite it, was a big window, so if you looked in the mirror, you could see the window and what was outside it. Frank loved to watch the birds and wildlife out the window, through the window. One day, after Frank and his mum visited the circus, he looked in the mirror again, but he saw a clown in the window. He shouted,
"Mum! There's a clown outside the window!"
The mum came in, looked out the window (NOT using the mirror) and saw nothing. She sighed,
"Frank, sweetheart, there's no clown."
Frank rolled his eyes and looked in the mirror again, he saw the clown again, but RIGHT outside the window, he was getting closer and closer! Frank called again,
"Mum! You can only see the clown if you look in the big mirror!"
The mum came in the living room and looked in the mirror, there was no clown.
"Honey, stop calling me! There's no clown!"
The mum went back into the kitchen. Frank looked in the mirror again, the clown was there, but inside the room, right behind Frank! Frank shrieked and looked behind him and the clown was there! The clown shot him with a shotgun and leapt out the window.

What happened...?: The circus was a circus made up of prisoners locked away VERY well. But one, acting as a clown in the circus, managed to escape followed Frank home and killed him as he was a murderer!

Robert The Magic Doll... FF 2

In the 1800's a family had a son named Gene. The family treated their servants poorly and some of them had voodoo beliefs. One day one guy that did black magic (secretly) , he made a doll for Gene made out of straw, and gave it to Gene. Gene named the doll 'Robert'. But then weird things began to happen. When the family went out and came back, they found the house trashed, with Robert at the scene, a ugly frown on his face instead of a smiling face.
They realized the doll was haunted and fired the servant who gave the doll to him, because the mom caught the servant doing black magic. They put the doll up in the attic and later moved about a couple of months later. A family moved in with a ten year-old girl and it didn't take her long to discover the doll in the attic.
She put the doll in her room, but soon the same stuff started happening to them. They locked the doll in the attic. Gene died in 1972 but before, he moved into his old house with his wife, this time. They discovered the doll was still there and put the doll in their living room-ish. But then the room got trashed, the evil frowns. The wife moved the doll into the attic
Then Gene died in 1972. The doll is in either London, Florida or in Sydney. If you want to take a picture with Robert, you have to ask him. If he tilts his head, you can. But if you take a picture even if he says no, you will be cursed forever, even if you plead. But if you make fun of him you will also be cursed.

Liver Kills... FF 4

Once there was this man called Jonny he lived with his wife.
One night Jonny and his wife were going to have liver for tea but they didn't have enough, so Jpnny went to the butchers the butcher had blood all over his clothes and was holding a huge knife, Jonny asked him if he had any liver, the butcher walked away into the backroom all that Jonny could see was a shadow, the butcher came back with a liver in a bag with blood dripping from it. Jonny and his wife ate it.
That night Jonny couldn't get to sleep,  because he heard a voice coming from his front door it said "Jonny I want my liver back" he got scared so he pulled his cover up to his nose he heard it again this time it was coming from the bottom of the stairs...
He heard it again this time at his bedroom door.
In the morning his wife found him dead with his liver gone!!!!

What happened...?: The butcher killed someone for his liver and Jonny ate the liver. So the person who died so Jonny could eat liver was a ghost and wanted his liver back but it was all mashed up, because Jonny ate it so the ghost took Jonny's instead.

Murderous Foster Parents... FF 4

There was this couple and they had a foster child that they didn't like. They went on lots of trips, always leaving the girl behind with a baby sitter. One time they couldn't find a baby sitter, so they had to take her on their cruise to the bahammas. While they were on the ship, the little girl was looking down at the sea, when the couple noticed and pushed her over the edge, where sharks were just waiting for a meal.A couple of weeks later, the couple were laying down in their bed when they heard "click, click,, click, slide" over and over again. then the door knob turned slowly. It opened and there was the girl, pulling herself by her finger nails. She slowly wailed,
"Daddy ... Mummy ... I'm home ..."

What happened...?: The girl was pulling herself by her finger nails because the sharks ate her legs off!

Rich Man's Revenge... FF 4

There was a gravedigger and he dug up a grave (The stone said 'Gerry Masworth') and opened the coffin. Inside the coffin lay a very rich but dead man. The gravedigger (Harold) realized the rich man had a gold ring on his second finger and Harold wanted the ring. But when he tugged it, it wouldn't come off. So he cut the man's second finger off and decided to do more tugging at home. He quickly buried the man again and went home. Eventually he got the ring off and decided to wear it himself.
About a month later, he was driving in another country and his car broke down. He knocked on the nearest house's door waited for someone to open the door. He realized the house looked very posh and expensive. Eventually a man opened the door, Harold politely asked him,
"Excuse me, my car has broken down, may I stay here untill the car fixing team come?"
The man (He looked very rich!) looked like he was going to say no until he looked at the man's hands, he gave a quick smile and said welcoming,
"Yes, come in."
Harold noticed the man looked very pale and his second finger had been cut off. He seemed familiar.
The two men sat around the fire and the rich man said,
"My name is Gerry Masworth, do you know me?"
Harold's eyes widened and he let out a scream as Gerry leapt on him and stabbed Harold to death.

What happened...?: Well, Gerry was mad at Harold for cutting off his finger just to steal his ring and he wanted revenge. The reason Gerry looked very pale was ... HE WAS A GHOST!!! =]

Haunted School Bathrooms... FF 3

Two friends, Vicky and Cecila went to the bathroom together to tell secrets, and Cecila needed to apply more lipgloss, so she looked into the mirror and started to put lipgloss on. Cecilia could just see Vicky's head reflection in the mirror. After half a minute, Cecilia saw in the mirror, Vicky had dropped to the ground. Cecilia didn't look around because she thought Vicky was just fooling around, because that's the sort of person she was, so Cecilia called,
"Vicky! I know you're playing around but it's freaking me out! Get up!"
There was no reply...
Cecilia turned around and saw blood gushing out of Vicky's back!

What happened...?: A very long time ago, in the same school, in the same bathroom, two girls walked in and they were enimies. They both went into the toilet and one came out first, when the other came out, the first girl leapt up on the other girl and stabbed her... So the girl who got stabbed wanted revenge on ANYONE, the next person who walked into the bathroom...

Dolly at the... FF 4

There was a girl called Suzie and she had a beautiful china doll, long brown hair, deep green eyes and a lovely crisp white dress and little glossy red shoes. One day, her parents and her went to a theme park taking the train, but on the way back, Suzie accidentally left her doll on the train!
When she got home, she didn't realize she left it on the train. A couple of months later, her parents went out, leaving Suzie alone with no babysitter. It was 9:00 and Suzie crawled into bed, but she got a text message! It said, 'Dolly at the train station.' When she looked at who it was from, it said, '      .' Meaning no one!
About fifteen minutes later, she got another text message, 'Dolly in your front garden.' Again from no one.
At 9:30, she got another text message, 'Dolly at your front door.' Again, from nobody. Suzie started to get freaked out, so she climbed back into bed. She got another text message saying, 'Dolly climbed the stairs.' From no one... She started to whimper, and got another text saying, 'Dolly outside your front door.' From nobody. Suzie opened her mouth to scream but no voice came out. Suddenly, the front doot slammed opened and a small figure leapt onto her bed and stabbed her to death with a knife.
Then the tune for a new text message played on her phone, Suzie fell off the bed, because the doll pushed her and she landed on the 'Show Message' button on her phone, the message said,

What happened: The doll must've been angry at Suzie for leaving her on the train, and she wanted revenge... LOL!

The Killer Butler... FF 3

There was a girl, and she was getting married in 2 days, so she asked her butler if he would braid her hair and make it look really pretty. He braided her hair, and when he was done, he told her never to take the braids out, so she promised him she never would. The next day she went to try on wedding dresses, she found a dress that she really liked, so she went to try it on. she was in the dressing room looking at herself in the mirror, admiring the dress. She went to take it off, but she couldn't because of her hair, so she figured, why not take the braids out and take the dress off and explain everything to her butler? So she took the braids out one by one. Meanwhile, her best friend, who went shopping with her, was outside waiting, and waiting. She got tired of waiting, so she knocked on the dressing room door, there was no answer, so she opened the door, and there was the girl, her hair back up in the braids hanging on a hook. Dead...

What happened...?: When her friend was waiting, the butler braided her hair again, then hung her, using the braids.

Australian Date... FF 3

In a large area where not a building was to be seen for ages in Australia, a boyfriend and girlfriend were dating in their car. The boyfriend (Jack) heard thumping on the car roof but ignored it. The girlfriend (Amelia) said to Jack,
"Go and STOP that awful racket!"
Jack stuttered,
"Ummm, okay, but if you hear screaming, come help."
Amelia nodded and turned the radio on. Jack went out and climbed onto the car roof to see what was there.
After about an hour, Amelia started to get worried, Jack hadn't come back yet, plus she swore she saw blood dripping from the sides of the car roof! Just as she thought that, the thumping appeared in hearing again! Amelia took a deep breath and stepped outside and looked onto the car roof. There was a stranger, banging Jack's HEAD onto the car roof...

What happened...?: The reason Amelia didn't hear any screaming was that the stranger grabbed Jack, tied up his mouth with rope so he COULDN'T scream, then slit his throat, that's where the blood came from.

The Ghost Ballerina... FF 3

One night a man went to this run-down motel and asked the receptionist for a room.
"I'm sorry," said the receptionist. "But we have only one room left, and its bathroom cannot be used."
"That's okay," the man said. "I don't care, as long as I get to sleep at night. Can I have the room?"
The receptionist reluctantly agreed, but with one warning:
"Whatever you do mister, DO NOT open the bathroom door."
The man agreed, took the room key, and went to the room, where he laid down on the bed.
Suddenly he heard some slow music floating out of the bathroom door. Being curious, he got up and neared the door.
He remembered the warning, so instead of opening the door, he peered through the keyhole instead. He saw a gorgeous ballerina dressed in a tutu dancing to the music inside.
He got puzzled, but nevertheless went back to bed. A few minutes later, the music stopped. Out of curiosity, he got up again and peered through the keyhole. This time he saw nothing - an empty bathroom.
Confused, he peered through the hole yet again. This time he only saw red.
The next morning he asked the receptionist what had happened the night before.
"The first time I looked, I saw this girl dancing. The second time, nothing. The third, all red."
The receptionist whitened. "I told you not to look inside the bathroom!" Then she started to tell the story.
Years ago, a girl and her father occupied that room. The girl used to lock herself in the bathroom and dance, as for some reason she didn't want her father to see her. Once, as she was dancing, she slipped on some water, fell, hit her head on the tiled floor and died.
"So, the first time you saw her, you saw her ghost. She must have noticed someone was looking at her, so she's turned forward and walked towards the door, so you couldn't see her the second time because she was transparent."
"But what about the third time?" asked the man. "The time I saw all red?"
"I didn't tell you one thing. When that girl slipped and fell, a nerve in her eye burst open and blood flowed into her eye."
What happened...?: So the first time he'd peered through the key-hole, he'd stared eye-to-eye with the ghost!!!!

The Clown Statue... FF 4

Two parents wanted to go somewhere for the weekend so they called their most trusted childminder to look after their two daughters. Once the girls had gone to sleep the childminder was bored so she called the parnets and asked them if she could watch the cable TV in their room. The parents said yes of course. Then she rang them again, this time she said,
"Can I please take out the clown statue its freaking me out!"
The dad was like "We dont have a clown statue!"
It turned out it wasnt a clown statue but it was a murderer who had escaped from prison in disguise. That night the childminder and the girls were murdered....

The Drip Drip story... FF 3

There was this girl and she had a dog. One night she heard this drip drip sound so she got out of bed and check that the showers werent leaking. When she went back she went to sleep again but she woke up and heard the noise again.
So she checked around the house but it was nothing so she went to bed but when she went to bed she hang her hands of her bed and then she felt something licking her. She thought it was her dog so she went "Stop it!". She remembered that she didnt check the attic so she check. When she got to her attic she saw her dog. It was hang up by its legs and its mouth was bleeding. And because it was bleeding it made a drip drip noise. She went back to tell everybody but first she went to her bedroom and saw this crazy person there!
What happened...?: So when she thought the dog was licking the hand it was actually the crazy person!

College Story... FF 5

There were two girls, Jennifer and Samantha who shared a dorm at College. Jennifer loved to party and Samantha loved to study. One night Jennifer went out to a party, and Samantha stayed in their room. (The room number was 216) When Jennifer got to the party, she realized she had forgotten her bag! She remembered she left it lying on her bed. So she ran back into the room, and DIDN'T turn the lights on and grabbed her bag and ran out.
When she came back, police were everywhere, she asked one of them,
"What happened?"
He replied,
"There has been a serious incident in room 216, I advise you not to go back in there."
Jennifer cried,
"Oh no! That's my room!!"
So she dashed back into the room and Samantha's head was hanging from the celing and her body on the floor and written in bood on the walls said:

What happened...?: When Jennifer ran back into the room to grab her bag without turning on the lights, Samantha was being murdered, that's why the wall said: I bet you wished you turned on the lights

The Peace Symbol Clown... FF 5

There was this girl who was obsessed with clowns, she collected clown stuff and all. One day she saw a clown doll at the mall that had two fingers up like a peace sign. Her mum bought it for her. The cashier told her "Never leave your daughter alone with this doll," But the mum thought it was just a prank.
One day the girl was playing with the doll and her mum was on the computer in the room. Then the phone rang and the mum left to talk for a while. When she came back, there was a pool of blood on the floor. Her daughter was gone and the clown doll was holding up three fingers.

What happened...?: BEFORE the girl bought the doll, the clown must have killed TWO people, that's why he was holding up two fingers, but the girl and mum must've thought it was a peace sign, then after the clown killed the girl, he held up THREE fingers!
PS: If you are wondering WHY this story has been rated FF 5, it's because of two reasons:
1. Once you get the story, it's pretty scary!
2. Little kids might get scared of their stuffed toys being murderous monsters that will hold up one finger when they kill them.