Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Australian Date... FF 3

In a large area where not a building was to be seen for ages in Australia, a boyfriend and girlfriend were dating in their car. The boyfriend (Jack) heard thumping on the car roof but ignored it. The girlfriend (Amelia) said to Jack,
"Go and STOP that awful racket!"
Jack stuttered,
"Ummm, okay, but if you hear screaming, come help."
Amelia nodded and turned the radio on. Jack went out and climbed onto the car roof to see what was there.
After about an hour, Amelia started to get worried, Jack hadn't come back yet, plus she swore she saw blood dripping from the sides of the car roof! Just as she thought that, the thumping appeared in hearing again! Amelia took a deep breath and stepped outside and looked onto the car roof. There was a stranger, banging Jack's HEAD onto the car roof...

What happened...?: The reason Amelia didn't hear any screaming was that the stranger grabbed Jack, tied up his mouth with rope so he COULDN'T scream, then slit his throat, that's where the blood came from.

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