Tuesday, 8 March 2011

College Story... FF 5

There were two girls, Jennifer and Samantha who shared a dorm at College. Jennifer loved to party and Samantha loved to study. One night Jennifer went out to a party, and Samantha stayed in their room. (The room number was 216) When Jennifer got to the party, she realized she had forgotten her bag! She remembered she left it lying on her bed. So she ran back into the room, and DIDN'T turn the lights on and grabbed her bag and ran out.
When she came back, police were everywhere, she asked one of them,
"What happened?"
He replied,
"There has been a serious incident in room 216, I advise you not to go back in there."
Jennifer cried,
"Oh no! That's my room!!"
So she dashed back into the room and Samantha's head was hanging from the celing and her body on the floor and written in bood on the walls said:

What happened...?: When Jennifer ran back into the room to grab her bag without turning on the lights, Samantha was being murdered, that's why the wall said: I bet you wished you turned on the lights

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