Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dolly at the... FF 4

There was a girl called Suzie and she had a beautiful china doll, long brown hair, deep green eyes and a lovely crisp white dress and little glossy red shoes. One day, her parents and her went to a theme park taking the train, but on the way back, Suzie accidentally left her doll on the train!
When she got home, she didn't realize she left it on the train. A couple of months later, her parents went out, leaving Suzie alone with no babysitter. It was 9:00 and Suzie crawled into bed, but she got a text message! It said, 'Dolly at the train station.' When she looked at who it was from, it said, '      .' Meaning no one!
About fifteen minutes later, she got another text message, 'Dolly in your front garden.' Again from no one.
At 9:30, she got another text message, 'Dolly at your front door.' Again, from nobody. Suzie started to get freaked out, so she climbed back into bed. She got another text message saying, 'Dolly climbed the stairs.' From no one... She started to whimper, and got another text saying, 'Dolly outside your front door.' From nobody. Suzie opened her mouth to scream but no voice came out. Suddenly, the front doot slammed opened and a small figure leapt onto her bed and stabbed her to death with a knife.
Then the tune for a new text message played on her phone, Suzie fell off the bed, because the doll pushed her and she landed on the 'Show Message' button on her phone, the message said,

What happened: The doll must've been angry at Suzie for leaving her on the train, and she wanted revenge... LOL!

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