Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Drip Drip story... FF 3

There was this girl and she had a dog. One night she heard this drip drip sound so she got out of bed and check that the showers werent leaking. When she went back she went to sleep again but she woke up and heard the noise again.
So she checked around the house but it was nothing so she went to bed but when she went to bed she hang her hands of her bed and then she felt something licking her. She thought it was her dog so she went "Stop it!". She remembered that she didnt check the attic so she check. When she got to her attic she saw her dog. It was hang up by its legs and its mouth was bleeding. And because it was bleeding it made a drip drip noise. She went back to tell everybody but first she went to her bedroom and saw this crazy person there!
What happened...?: So when she thought the dog was licking the hand it was actually the crazy person!

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