Sunday, 13 March 2011

Freaky Football... FF 4

There were seven boys playing football in a park on Sunday, their names were: Michael, Tom, Walter, Tim, Fred, Sam and Sami. Sami accidentally kicked the ball off the pitch, into the forest near the football pitch.
"I'm not getting it, I got it last time!" protested Sami.
Tom, Walter, Tim, Fred and Sam said the same.
"Hey! Michael, you haven't got it yet! Go on, get it." Walter said to Michael.
Michael gulped and went into the forest. He saw seven old, abandoned tents, he called to his friends,
"Hey guys! Come and look at these silly tents!"
The other boys came running into the forest and laughed at the tents.
Each boy had a different way of destroying a tent, one tent for each boy. They chuckled and went home.
The next day, at school, Michael did not show up.
"Where's Michael?" The boys asked eachother, but they decided he was just ill.
The next day at school, Tom AND Michael did not show up. The remaining boys assumed they were just sick.
On Wednesday, Walter, Tom and Michael did not show up. The other boys, yet again thought they were all unwell.
On Thursday, Tim, Walter, Tom and Michael didn't show up! The last three boys were starting to get worried...
The last day of school (Friday), Fred didn't show up! Sam and Sami arranged to meet eachother at the park on Saturday.
When that day came, Sam and Sami were heading for the forest to explore, but Sam dropped to the ground, blood gushing out of his head. Sami screamed and dashed home.
On Sunday, Sami's mother couldn't wake Sami up...

What happened...?: The spirit of the owners of the tents decided to get revenge on the boys, one spirit to kill each boy on a different day. They decided to kill them in the ways the boys destroyed their tents...

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