Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Ghost Ballerina... FF 3

One night a man went to this run-down motel and asked the receptionist for a room.
"I'm sorry," said the receptionist. "But we have only one room left, and its bathroom cannot be used."
"That's okay," the man said. "I don't care, as long as I get to sleep at night. Can I have the room?"
The receptionist reluctantly agreed, but with one warning:
"Whatever you do mister, DO NOT open the bathroom door."
The man agreed, took the room key, and went to the room, where he laid down on the bed.
Suddenly he heard some slow music floating out of the bathroom door. Being curious, he got up and neared the door.
He remembered the warning, so instead of opening the door, he peered through the keyhole instead. He saw a gorgeous ballerina dressed in a tutu dancing to the music inside.
He got puzzled, but nevertheless went back to bed. A few minutes later, the music stopped. Out of curiosity, he got up again and peered through the keyhole. This time he saw nothing - an empty bathroom.
Confused, he peered through the hole yet again. This time he only saw red.
The next morning he asked the receptionist what had happened the night before.
"The first time I looked, I saw this girl dancing. The second time, nothing. The third, all red."
The receptionist whitened. "I told you not to look inside the bathroom!" Then she started to tell the story.
Years ago, a girl and her father occupied that room. The girl used to lock herself in the bathroom and dance, as for some reason she didn't want her father to see her. Once, as she was dancing, she slipped on some water, fell, hit her head on the tiled floor and died.
"So, the first time you saw her, you saw her ghost. She must have noticed someone was looking at her, so she's turned forward and walked towards the door, so you couldn't see her the second time because she was transparent."
"But what about the third time?" asked the man. "The time I saw all red?"
"I didn't tell you one thing. When that girl slipped and fell, a nerve in her eye burst open and blood flowed into her eye."
What happened...?: So the first time he'd peered through the key-hole, he'd stared eye-to-eye with the ghost!!!!

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