Sunday, 13 March 2011

Grandfather Clock... FF 4

One day a girl named Rose had a grandfather. Unfortunately he died - no one knows how. . .
But in his will he left Rose's parents his grandfather clock. Also in his will, it said NEVER to open the grandfather clock. Rose told her parents, but they told her to stop being so silly.
One night, something started to tick. Obviously the first thing the parents thought of was the old grandfather clock. So Rose's father, opened the grandfather clock. Rose held her breath. Her father reappeared with no emotion on his face. "Nothing is wrong." Told the father to his family. So the whole family went back to thier beds. Rose could still hear the clock ticking. "Rose.  . . I'm coming. . . Rose. . .I'm coming. . . I told you not to open it . . ."
Rose's bedroom window suddenly burst open, and a freezing draft of wind came rushing in her room. Rose shivered and pulled her duvet over her head. About an hour later, she slowly and carefully pushed the duvet back down to her neck, hovering above her was ... THE GHOST OF HER DEAD GRANDFATHER!
"No, no it wasn't me!! You've got the wrong person!!" Rose shrieked, when she saw that her grandfather was holding a sharp pointed knife.
"You should've told them  properly..." hissed her grandfather.
The grandfather killed Rose in one swift whack of his knife.

What happened...?: There is no explanation of why and how this happened...

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