Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Haunted School Bathrooms... FF 3

Two friends, Vicky and Cecila went to the bathroom together to tell secrets, and Cecila needed to apply more lipgloss, so she looked into the mirror and started to put lipgloss on. Cecilia could just see Vicky's head reflection in the mirror. After half a minute, Cecilia saw in the mirror, Vicky had dropped to the ground. Cecilia didn't look around because she thought Vicky was just fooling around, because that's the sort of person she was, so Cecilia called,
"Vicky! I know you're playing around but it's freaking me out! Get up!"
There was no reply...
Cecilia turned around and saw blood gushing out of Vicky's back!

What happened...?: A very long time ago, in the same school, in the same bathroom, two girls walked in and they were enimies. They both went into the toilet and one came out first, when the other came out, the first girl leapt up on the other girl and stabbed her... So the girl who got stabbed wanted revenge on ANYONE, the next person who walked into the bathroom...

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