Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Killer Butler... FF 3

There was a girl, and she was getting married in 2 days, so she asked her butler if he would braid her hair and make it look really pretty. He braided her hair, and when he was done, he told her never to take the braids out, so she promised him she never would. The next day she went to try on wedding dresses, she found a dress that she really liked, so she went to try it on. she was in the dressing room looking at herself in the mirror, admiring the dress. She went to take it off, but she couldn't because of her hair, so she figured, why not take the braids out and take the dress off and explain everything to her butler? So she took the braids out one by one. Meanwhile, her best friend, who went shopping with her, was outside waiting, and waiting. She got tired of waiting, so she knocked on the dressing room door, there was no answer, so she opened the door, and there was the girl, her hair back up in the braids hanging on a hook. Dead...

What happened...?: When her friend was waiting, the butler braided her hair again, then hung her, using the braids.

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