Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Liver Kills... FF 4

Once there was this man called Jonny he lived with his wife.
One night Jonny and his wife were going to have liver for tea but they didn't have enough, so Jpnny went to the butchers the butcher had blood all over his clothes and was holding a huge knife, Jonny asked him if he had any liver, the butcher walked away into the backroom all that Jonny could see was a shadow, the butcher came back with a liver in a bag with blood dripping from it. Jonny and his wife ate it.
That night Jonny couldn't get to sleep,  because he heard a voice coming from his front door it said "Jonny I want my liver back" he got scared so he pulled his cover up to his nose he heard it again this time it was coming from the bottom of the stairs...
He heard it again this time at his bedroom door.
In the morning his wife found him dead with his liver gone!!!!

What happened...?: The butcher killed someone for his liver and Jonny ate the liver. So the person who died so Jonny could eat liver was a ghost and wanted his liver back but it was all mashed up, because Jonny ate it so the ghost took Jonny's instead.

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