Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Mirror Clown... FF 3

There was a boy called Frank, and in his living room, there was a huge mirror and opposite it, was a big window, so if you looked in the mirror, you could see the window and what was outside it. Frank loved to watch the birds and wildlife out the window, through the window. One day, after Frank and his mum visited the circus, he looked in the mirror again, but he saw a clown in the window. He shouted,
"Mum! There's a clown outside the window!"
The mum came in, looked out the window (NOT using the mirror) and saw nothing. She sighed,
"Frank, sweetheart, there's no clown."
Frank rolled his eyes and looked in the mirror again, he saw the clown again, but RIGHT outside the window, he was getting closer and closer! Frank called again,
"Mum! You can only see the clown if you look in the big mirror!"
The mum came in the living room and looked in the mirror, there was no clown.
"Honey, stop calling me! There's no clown!"
The mum went back into the kitchen. Frank looked in the mirror again, the clown was there, but inside the room, right behind Frank! Frank shrieked and looked behind him and the clown was there! The clown shot him with a shotgun and leapt out the window.

What happened...?: The circus was a circus made up of prisoners locked away VERY well. But one, acting as a clown in the circus, managed to escape followed Frank home and killed him as he was a murderer!

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