Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Murderous Foster Parents... FF 4

There was this couple and they had a foster child that they didn't like. They went on lots of trips, always leaving the girl behind with a baby sitter. One time they couldn't find a baby sitter, so they had to take her on their cruise to the bahammas. While they were on the ship, the little girl was looking down at the sea, when the couple noticed and pushed her over the edge, where sharks were just waiting for a meal.A couple of weeks later, the couple were laying down in their bed when they heard "click, click, slide.click, click, slide" over and over again. then the door knob turned slowly. It opened and there was the girl, pulling herself by her finger nails. She slowly wailed,
"Daddy ... Mummy ... I'm home ..."

What happened...?: The girl was pulling herself by her finger nails because the sharks ate her legs off!

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