Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Peace Symbol Clown... FF 5

There was this girl who was obsessed with clowns, she collected clown stuff and all. One day she saw a clown doll at the mall that had two fingers up like a peace sign. Her mum bought it for her. The cashier told her "Never leave your daughter alone with this doll," But the mum thought it was just a prank.
One day the girl was playing with the doll and her mum was on the computer in the room. Then the phone rang and the mum left to talk for a while. When she came back, there was a pool of blood on the floor. Her daughter was gone and the clown doll was holding up three fingers.

What happened...?: BEFORE the girl bought the doll, the clown must have killed TWO people, that's why he was holding up two fingers, but the girl and mum must've thought it was a peace sign, then after the clown killed the girl, he held up THREE fingers!
PS: If you are wondering WHY this story has been rated FF 5, it's because of two reasons:
1. Once you get the story, it's pretty scary!
2. Little kids might get scared of their stuffed toys being murderous monsters that will hold up one finger when they kill them.

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