Sunday, 13 March 2011

Picture Perfect... FF 4

A boy called Jake lived with his little sister, his mum, dad and aunt.
One day, Jake was looking out of the window at his neighbours house. He saw a shadow at the front door. The next day, he heard footsteps near his front door, but he ignored it. About two days later, his little sister went missing. He asked his mum,
"What happened to Brianna (His sister)?"
His mum replied,
"You never had a sister!"
Jake shrugged and went on with life. He looked at the neighbours house again to find that the shadow were near the top of the stairs, he frowned and ignored it. Then he heard noises at the top of the stairs in his house. A day later, he couldn't find his aunt. He asked his dad,
"Dad, what happened to your sister, my aunt Josephine?"
His dad smiled and calmly replied,
"Son, she died years ago. You must learn to get over it."
Jake frowned and ignored it.
He looked out of the window again and saw shadows near the window in his neighbours house. A few hours later, he heard clinking sounds near the window. A day later, his dad was no where to be seen. He asked his mum,
"Mum, where did dad go?"
His mum sighed and replied,
"Hunny, please don't bring this up again. Daddy and I are NOT going to get back together again, we split up and that's final"
Jake frowned and ignored it. He looked out of the window again and saw shadow near a room in his neighbours house, and heard noises near his mum's room. He sighed and ignored it.
A day later, his mum dissapeared. He asked his neighbours (On the other side),
"Have you seen my mother?"
The old lady in the house replied,
"What? Are-aren't you the orphan from the care home? You HAVE no mother!" And she closed the door.
Jake sighed and ignored it, he looked at his calendar in his room and said to himself,
"It's my birthday today and my family have dissapeared."
He called his friend, but the only sound he heard from the phone was, 'This number does not exsist, please check if it is a valid number.'
"That's odd, Derek would tell me if he got a new phone." He whispered to himself.
He heard a sudden noise,
Clunk clunk clunk... The noise echoed. Jake went back to the calender but it had turned into a mirror. Then he looked behind him, but he wasn't in his bedroom any more, he was in an attic... He turned around and a shadow stabbed him...
A few years later, another family with a small girl moved into the Jake's house. The girl went up to the attic and saw a blank canvas, next to a picture with a family containing a small girl, an older lady, a mother and father and an older boy. The girl looked behind her because she thought she heard a clinking sound, and when she looked back at the pciture, in blood on it was written, 'GET OUT OF HERE' She was stabbed from behind...

What happened...?: All I know now is that, on the blank canvas, is a picture of a small girl...

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