Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rich Man's Revenge... FF 4

There was a gravedigger and he dug up a grave (The stone said 'Gerry Masworth') and opened the coffin. Inside the coffin lay a very rich but dead man. The gravedigger (Harold) realized the rich man had a gold ring on his second finger and Harold wanted the ring. But when he tugged it, it wouldn't come off. So he cut the man's second finger off and decided to do more tugging at home. He quickly buried the man again and went home. Eventually he got the ring off and decided to wear it himself.
About a month later, he was driving in another country and his car broke down. He knocked on the nearest house's door waited for someone to open the door. He realized the house looked very posh and expensive. Eventually a man opened the door, Harold politely asked him,
"Excuse me, my car has broken down, may I stay here untill the car fixing team come?"
The man (He looked very rich!) looked like he was going to say no until he looked at the man's hands, he gave a quick smile and said welcoming,
"Yes, come in."
Harold noticed the man looked very pale and his second finger had been cut off. He seemed familiar.
The two men sat around the fire and the rich man said,
"My name is Gerry Masworth, do you know me?"
Harold's eyes widened and he let out a scream as Gerry leapt on him and stabbed Harold to death.

What happened...?: Well, Gerry was mad at Harold for cutting off his finger just to steal his ring and he wanted revenge. The reason Gerry looked very pale was ... HE WAS A GHOST!!! =]

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