Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Robert The Magic Doll... FF 2

In the 1800's a family had a son named Gene. The family treated their servants poorly and some of them had voodoo beliefs. One day one guy that did black magic (secretly) , he made a doll for Gene made out of straw, and gave it to Gene. Gene named the doll 'Robert'. But then weird things began to happen. When the family went out and came back, they found the house trashed, with Robert at the scene, a ugly frown on his face instead of a smiling face.
They realized the doll was haunted and fired the servant who gave the doll to him, because the mom caught the servant doing black magic. They put the doll up in the attic and later moved about a couple of months later. A family moved in with a ten year-old girl and it didn't take her long to discover the doll in the attic.
She put the doll in her room, but soon the same stuff started happening to them. They locked the doll in the attic. Gene died in 1972 but before, he moved into his old house with his wife, this time. They discovered the doll was still there and put the doll in their living room-ish. But then the room got trashed, the evil frowns. The wife moved the doll into the attic
Then Gene died in 1972. The doll is in either London, Florida or in Sydney. If you want to take a picture with Robert, you have to ask him. If he tilts his head, you can. But if you take a picture even if he says no, you will be cursed forever, even if you plead. But if you make fun of him you will also be cursed.

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